Sunday, April 22, 2012

Thrifting Tip #1: Plan Where to Go

Nice neighbourhoods have the best stores for thrift shopping. Especially older or wealthy neighbourhoods and stores in the suburbs. Try to avoid trendy or “cool” areas, or areas with large student or creative populations. The stores in 
these areas are usually well visited, picked over, and prices are possibly marked up.

Do your research. Use the Internet to search for:

  • Thrift shops
  • Second hand shops
  • Charity shops
  • Non-profit stores
  • Charity sales
Also look for flea markets, garage sales, estate sales and clothing swaps.

Write down the addresses and hours and plan a route. Some stores are closed certain days like Sundays or Mondays so double-check before hand. It also helps to shop on off hours like during the week and in the mornings to find more selection and variety.

In the end it is a numbers game. A bigger store will have a larger selection of stuff. It just depends on the time you are willing to put in looking through everything. 

Ask friends where they have found there great items or their favorite stores. Some people may be wary of sharing store tips to keep them hidden or more exclusive. Just offer a store tip in return! 

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