Thursday, May 24, 2012

Statement Necklace

Here I am wearing the necklace I thrifted in Palm Springs. It is large and loud, so I had not worn it out until today. Unfortunately this photo was taken on my web cam, as my camera was stolen a few weeks ago. So photo booth pictures it is! (At least until I get a new camera or smart phone.)

I was not planning on posting many images of myself on this blog because I would like this to be more of a general guide to thrifting. That being said, sometimes I think one of the hardest things about thrifting is how to wear the items you have bought. How to incorporate thrift in everyday outfits. I have lots of items I have not worn simply because I'm not sure how to make it modern or how I should wear it. Maybe we can explore this together!

Are there items you have thrifted and not worn? Tell me why!

Wearing: Gold statement necklace - thrift , Blouse - h&m, Silk tank - thrift, Pants - h&m

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