Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thrift Finds: Vancouver

I recently spent a week in Vancouver with my mom and sister. My sister lives in Vancouver and is a thrift master. She was in the process of moving in to a new apartment. It is the cutest little bachelor apartment in the downtown area of Vancouver. Imagine white walls, wood floors, claw foot tub, exposed kitchen shelves and an avocado stove. I am so excited for her and a little jealous too.

One day of my trip was spent looking through thrift stores for some great finds. My sister took us to a few different places: Value Village in South Van, the Salvation Army on West Broadway, and a store called Wildlife Thrift Store. We ran out of time and were too hungry to go to any more, but there are other really great thrift stores and high end vintage stores in the city.

My sister was looking for things for her home, I was looking mostly for clothing, and my mom looked for clothes for herself and her boyfriend.  My mom found the cutest set of mini A&W mugs/shot glasses, a smokin' hot blush coloured dress, a spring jacket and some other items of clothing. My sister scored some great blue and white dinner plates from the Value Village and then found the matching salad plates at the Salvation Army! She also found some great books and clothes.

I took home the above goodies in the photo (sorry again for the bad quality.) The Monica Hughes YA Guardian of Isis series (which i loved as a kid) I found at Wildlife for $1.00 a book. Everything else I found at Value Village. The Levi jean vest was $3.99 and the NYC t-shirt was $2.99. I found both of them in the kids section. The black mass is a small black backpack, $7.99, and a pair of relaxed fit Habitual jeans for $14.99. The Aldo Wedge heels were the most expensive find at $29.99 but they are brand new, never worn and on trend.

It is obvious that prices are going up in many stores now that thrifting has gained popularity. Value Village can be the worst for this. A used glass casserole dish with a lid was $8.99 at VV, and the I saw the same one new at Superstore for $10.  You just need to look hard and make good decisions.

Overall $65 was spent on thrift (although one or two items were bought as a gift from my mom :) .)  I think it was worth it. I almost have a full outfit there!  It was a great day.

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