Saturday, May 26, 2012

Thrift Tip #4: Know Your Style and What You Have

Sometime it is good to avoid buying something you will not use or wear. With thrift you can usually count on low prices so sometimes you can take risks. It can be overwhelming when you have a million items you want to take home but can't afford. 

It is good to ask yourself questions like: Does the item fit your style? Are there situations when you will wear it or use it? If it isn't clothing, think of where you would store it, keep it or display it. Consider if it is an impulse buy or if you will truly use it. Asking yourself questions like these can help you narrow down purchases and not take home things that will just collect dust.

I have some personal guidelines before I go shopping. I try to think of 3 outfits I could wear with the piece of clothing. I try to imagine where I would wear it or if I already have something like it. Questions arise like, is this something I need, or do I need three leather jackets? (and the answer to these questions is usually yes!)

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