Monday, May 14, 2012

Thrifting Tip #3: Bring Supplies

Be prepared by bringing a few supplies with you when you set out thrift shopping. This list is not complete, so add your own!

Cash. Some stores only accept cash. Cash is usually the only thing accepted at garage sales and estate sales.

Cell phone. If you have the ability (a smart phone!), use your cell phone to make lists, find store locations and maps or ask a friend for last minute advice. I personally do not, but if I did I can only imagine all the pictures I would take!

Shopping bags. Bring reusable shopping bags with you. Many stores recycle plastic bags from elsewhere. Take home less plastic and leave the variety of plastic bags for some one else.

Music. Listen to headphones to get yourself in the mood. A personal preference.

Hand sanitizer. Just in case.

Measuring tape. Helpful to measure furniture or household items to see if they will fit in your home or, in your car so you can transport it home.

Socks. Trying on shoes with socks is more hygienic until you can take them home and clean them. This being said, I have definitely skipped socks when I didn't have them. What ever you are comfortable with.

A friend. If you are feeling overwhelmed or just looking for a great afternoon, bring a friend! Not only can they provide opinion on promising purchases but also share in the experience of finding treasures; treasures that are nostalgic, humorous or just really exciting finds. 

I have had conversations with people who like shopping alone so their style isn't compromised by their friends opinions. There are somethings that I look back and wish I had bought, although I was talked out of it by friends with different tastes. I can also thank my friends for talking me out of terrible purchases too. Take everything in stride and really think about what you are buying or if you are being true to your own style and not your friends.

Do you like listening to music or bringing a friend with you when you shop? Do you have something you bring with you every time to make thrift shopping easier?

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