Tuesday, July 3, 2012

July Blog Challenge

My boyfriend says I need to get rid of some of my things. We don't have the space in our tiny house. He is very right. How so I decide what to get rid of? 

I have been donating bags of clothing constantly but I can never get rid of enough of it. I have been thrifting for so long that now I will buy anything and hold on to anything. I can usually get rid of clothing without emotional attachment but lately I have hit a wall.

The last year was so stressful with school that all I did was throw on jeans and a t-shirt most days. I felt terrible and in a rut (ya right, like these are remotely serious complaints.) I kept telling myself I would get out of it and magically feel good and start wearing all my fun stuff again. All of this = beginning of a clothing hoarder.

There is also no structure to my closet, it is all random and thrown together. I am missing basics. I feel like I am constantly looking for something to wear although I have so much. I definitly feel like I am crowded by all my random stuff. It sits there mocking me, "why do you have me if you are not going to wear me?" or "you don't have the guts to be yourself."

I keep telling myself I will wear it soon, next season, when I buy ____ to go with it, when I have been working out for awhile, when I have somewhere to wear it............... all excuses. I need to abandon these emotional feelings I have towards my clothing and style. If I like something, I should wear it. If it is not working out or doesn't fit I should donate it. I mean c'mon, at my age I should be comfortable in my skin. I shouldn't be holding on to things I will never wear. Personal style is an neverending journey I guess. I have the closet of the person I want to be, with things I love and have picked out carefully for myself and to represent my style. But, I also have things that do not fit my body, are not my style, are completely out of style or I do not have the confidence to wear.

Although I am not ready to just get rid of all my thrifted goodies and stop thrifting, I need to be more selective with what I want to keep and what I want to buy. I want to wear the things I have with confidence. So, I am going to try something new. This month I am going to try to do a few things in a couple of steps to tackle my problem. I'll let you know how it goes. Here is my to-do list:

  1. Clean 
  2. Select 
  3. Organize 
  4. Wear

1. Clean my Closet

  • Do laundry and fold
  • Vacuum and clean out all my dresser and closet
2. Select my Closet
Divide clothing into piles:
  • keep 
  • pack up 
  • donate
Note professional clothing, formal clothing, never worn, basics, seasonal, diy/ project. Decide what I love for it's quality and design, what actually suits my figure and body.

3. Organize my Closet
  • Organize and put back clothing
  • Consider hanging things by outfit

4. Wear my Closet (I think I need a reason to wear more of my thrifted treasures)
  • Create outfits with at least one thrift item
  • Try to wear never worn items
  • Some sort of blog/ closet picture challenge to inspire me, although I will probably make up my own.
I guess this is kind of getting off topic of my original goals for the blog. I will try not to overload with outfit posts or anything like that, I just want a reminder to be true to myself and my closet. I know outfit posts can get quite boring.

I am going to try to incorporate a DIY a week, even if it is simple. Also maybe some lifestyle stuff like maybe a recipes, fitness, skincare and beauty. (all depending on how ambitious I am feeling.) What do you like reading in blogs? Probably not this much writing. Any suggestions?

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