Friday, July 27, 2012

July Thrift Finds

I have wanted to share some of the things I have found recently. Since I haven't had a camera the past month or so I have taken a few pictures with my Mac webcam. Not the greatest quality, and I am in some of them :), but at least you can see some of my finds! The other photos were taken with my boyfriends camera. Warning, lots of photos and writing ahead.

This top kind of looks like an apron when untucked. It's pretty great for $3.00. I've worn it a few times now. The picture with my friend Yana was at this crazy house party a few weeks ago. 400 people all in one yard. I know this because they had a permit to hold it and that was the max amount of people. They reached their quota. You can also tell I am very short in this picture (and I'm wearing 3 inch flatforms.)

A few things from last week. The red jacket ($4.50.) was for my boyfriend. It has a Grizzly Mountain Beer patch on it and my boyfriend is kind of grizzly when he grows out the beard. The sunglasses were $1.00, and blouses were $3.00 each. I found this cool pyramid glasses case for $1.50 (more than the sunglasses?) and the best find was a TNA plaid blouse below, also for $3.00. Have to love standard pricing. Brand new it would probably be around $60. It looked like it had never been worn and I needed a plaid shirt for fall. Seriously you need plaid in Canada, it just works.

Finally, a few things I found at the beginning of July. Jewelry dishes $1.50 each, leopard print cheap purse $3.00 and sunglasses were a dollar. I own five pairs of thrifted sunglasses (that is only the thrifted ones) but for $1 each, why not?

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