Monday, July 2, 2012

Thrifting Tip #6: Start in Your Favourite Section

Okay, maybe it's kind of obvious that you would start in your favourite section, but sometimes it's good to have a plan. 
Most of the time I just go with what catches my eye first and make my way through the rest of the store. Since i have been trying to be more selective of what I buy, mostly for a lack of closet space, the last few times I have tried to stick to my list (so I'll stop coming home with random books and another pair of black jeans.)

Back to having a plan... here are some things to consider!

1. Some stores might have rules about the number of items in the change room so you may have to make multiple trips. Maybe you will want to start with things to try on first, like pants or dresses, and then shop for things you do not need to try on in a fitting room, like jackets, shoes, bags, and other fun stuff :)

2. Claim large items. Another tip is if you are shopping for large items like furniture, you may want to lay claim to them right away. Tell an associate or seller at the store or garage sale. You may even pay for it so you can browse worry free the rest of the store, knowing you won't miss out on that great table or dresser.

3. What are you most excited to find? What do you most enjoy looking at? Go there first. I usually go directly to shoes or dresses. I think I'm secretly scared I will miss out on a really great dress or something if I leave these to the end. Some stylish bargain hunter will grab it before I can. Must be my competitive nature.

4. Use your list. Make your way from one end to the other. Take an overview of the whole store and then dig in to one section at a time. Only browse a few sections and get out of there! It is up to you. Do what feels natural and you will find your rhythm in no time!

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