Thursday, July 5, 2012

Thrifting Tip #7: Look Through and Consider Everything

Look at every item on the rack or shelf. Consider everything and take your time. Everything looks like junk among other junk so you really need to dig through to find gems. 

Think about context. Think about your personal style and think about how you would make it your own. 

Forget about sizing. Things can get mixed up, sizing varies, and sometimes things can be worn as something else or DIY projects in disguise. Dig deep into the racks and touch and feel everything. Look at fabrics, colours, prints, textures, & details. You can feel quality the minute you touch a nice piece of clothing. I love that :).

Don’t forget the small things like accessories and jewelry which lend themselves to DIY projects so well. Shop off-season. In summer look at winter coats, in the winter look for shorts. You will find a greater selection and possibly get a discount.

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